Day 6 – Canton, TX


We are currently on day 6 working in Van Zandt County with a focus around the Canton, TX area.  Our teams continue to come in each day to get their briefing, assignments and tools so they can head out into the rural parts of this area and serve families impacted by the tornados.

Having been responding to disasters like this since 2011, the debris tends to all look the same, but the thing that is different…the people and their stories.  Yesterday while driving down a county road east of Canton doing some recon work we passed by a man and woman sitting in the drive way of their farm home.  From the road you could easily see that their home was intact but that their barn had taken a hit.  We quickly stopped the truck, backed up and pulled in the drive way to meet them and see if there was a need.  Right away we learn that Al and Andrea were in a state of shock as they were now on day 5 following the storm and just didn’t know where to begin.  Al was out on the ATV with his insurance adjuster and Andrea and their family friend were just discussing if there was anyway they could clean up the damage.

After talking with them for a while we discovered that not only had the barn taken a hit, but inside the barn was their water well system that fed their house and they needed to gain access to it.  In addition to that, they mentioned that they were hay farmers and their field was littered with debris and they weren’t sure how they would ever be able to clear it enough to be able to cut the hay.  These we big problems for them, and they just didn’t know where to begin.

That’s where we stepped in.  Not to take over, but to come alongside Al & Andrea and begin showing them how with some help from our team they could begin to clean up and start back down the road to rebuilding.  Overjoyed is an understatement when you talk about their reaction.  The thought that a group of complete strangers would come in and give of their time and resources to help them out, was just amazing.

For the remainder of the day, our team walked the field picking up all the debris and moving it into piles.  Shortly after that the crew jumped in and helped Al pull down the damaged area of the barn so they could access their belongings and the well house. It was certainly a long and tiring day for the team, but well spent.  Anytime we can take time to invest in others who are in need, we will do all that we can to make it happen.

We continue to serve this area with our teams deployed in various locations around the county.  If you have not had a chance to support and would like to do so, PLEASE CLICK HERE

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