Louisiana Flood Update


Louisiana Flood Update

Six o’clock on Monday night, the Minuteman truck arrived in Baton Rouge, LA to offer assistance with the ongoing rescue efforts for the flood victims.  The (EOC) Emergency Operations Center was a swarm of people from the local sheriffs office, the National Guard and a handful of citizen volunteers.  We are thankful for the opportunity to be able to stand ready to serve the community.


Monday night ended late with patrolling through the Livingston Parish on the lookout for anyone stranded or in need of a hand.
Tuesday was much the same but inside the Ascension Parish, where flood waters were beginning to increase and repeat the same scenario that Livingston had just endured. Checking in at the EOC we quickly found the area swarming with officials from the Sheriffs office, National Guard and volunteers with boats as far as the eye could see. Connection was made with those in command and our team and resources were made available to assist when and wherever needed.
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Late in the day two college aged girls and a baby were located in a rural area of Acadia Parish, west of Lafayette.  Our large truck had just passed through 2 water crossings when they were discovered with a disabled vehicle.  With water rising on either side of their location, they were without options.  Thankfully with the use of MDR trucks and equipment the girls, baby and the vehicle were pulled out to dry ground where they were safe.

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Minuteman will continue to be at the ready to serve those effected by disaster.  Our team is trained and prepared to deploy when disaster strikes.

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