Director of Relief Operations

Member Since 2017 – Kevin believes strongly in putting compassion into action. He was first drawn to Minuteman because, when disasters occur, Minuteman presented an opportunity to give more than money alone; it offered him a way to put his hands and abilities to use.
Today, he remains an active member because he sees how Minuteman, working at disaster sites, makes a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.


“The members I first met and the ones I’ve served with all have a ‘take-care-of-the-customer-first’ mentality. We get it done!”

He also appreciates the varying levels of participation and training from which volunteers may choose, accommodating the ‘weekend warriors’ as well as those who wish to train with Minuteman in specialized disciplines. Kevin cherishes his roles as husband and father. He’s grateful for his career as a pilot, and enjoys physical exercise such as mountain biking, skiing, SCUBA and with persuasion, golf.