What do our volunteer teams do?

Our volunteers are involved in every phase of natural disaster relief.


We start by forecasting natural disasters and identifying their threat level. Our teams then prepare for deployment in the immediate moments after a disaster strikes, offering on-the-ground relief to affected communities. Our teams are trained for dealing with the aftermath of disasters including  Debris Clean-Up, Resource Management, Search & Rescue, and more.


Our teams are comprised of trained volunteers who undergo thorough training strategies to be able to safely and effectively assist communities affected by natural disasters.

What is basic training?

Basic Training requires 3-4 hours of online training and prepares volunteers to deploy under the capacity of:

  • Basic Command Structure
  • First Aid Safety
  • Psychological Effects of Disaster
  • Call-out Process


By completing Basic Training, Relief Team volunteers are ready to deploy in the immediate days after a disaster strikes.

What is advanced training?

Advanced Training requires 70-80 hours of online instruction and is supplemental to Basic Training. With the completion of Advanced Training, volunteers are prepared to deploy in additional capacities:

  • Communications
  • Drone/UAV
  • Medical Ops.
  • Search & Rescue


Advanced Training prepares volunteers for a more comprehensive deployment spanning before, during and after a natural disaster.

How do I Join?

Get started by submitting an application via our online portal.


Once your application is approved, you can sign up for trainings, receive your New Member Packet and start preparing for your first deployment.


If you want to learn more about becoming a Volunteer or have a question, get in touch with us.