About Us

Our Mission

Provide assistance in the immediate aftermath of a disaster through the deployment of highly trained and equipped volunteers.


We offer life-saving services at disaster scenes by providing well-trained, well-equipped, self-contained task forces and strike teams to assist in search and rescue, emergency medical operations, disaster scene management and emergency communications.

What do we do?

Before disaster strikes, we forecast storms and prepare our teams for deployment. Our volunteers undergo basic training required for deployment that includes


Resource Management, Debris Cleanup, First Aid, Emergency Communications, Command Structure and more.


When the call comes to serve, our goal is to provide significant aid to disaster victims and emergency personnel utilizing the NIMS ICS management system. Advanced training volunteers also receive instruction on Caregiving to victims, Drone/UAV and Medical Ops.


We are there before, during and after disaster strikes to serve communities who need our help the most.


We welcome all capable and willing men and women over the age of 18 to join our team.

Our Disciplines

  • Disaster Scene Coordination & Safety
  • NASAR Search and Rescue
  • TEEX Wide Area Search
  • Emergency Medical OPS Support
  • CPR, First Aid & AED
  • Drone/UAV Operation
  • Heavy Equipment Operation

Our Response Experience

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