Looking to join a dynamic team of well-trained individuals who are ready to serve the community when a disaster strikes?  We have just the spot for you!


Our Relief Team is comprised of trained volunteers who undergo basic training strategies to be able to safely and effectively assist communities with debris cleanup, resource distribution and other needed tasks.  Members are requested to serve after the initial response phase of a disaster has ended and clean-up has begun.

Step 1: Application

Step 2: Release Waiver

Step 3: Pay Dues

Step 4: Get Trained

Step 5: Get Uniform


Our Rapid Response Team is comprised of highly trained volunteers who spend 70-80 hours every year preparing to serve in the moments after a disaster strikes.  There disciplines are focused around Search & Rescue, First Aid, Emergency Communications and Command Structure.  Members are expected to serve during days 1-3 of a disaster.  Team members may beginning training for the Rapid Response Team once all basic level requirements have been met.