The Bastrop County fire of 2011 was the most destructive wildfire in the history of Texas. It started in September and was controlled by early October.  Minuteman Disaster Response was still a very young organization when the flames blazed across the county.

“It was a relief mission,” said Minuteman volunteer Brian Ballard.  “The city of McKinney had collected goods for the folks down there and didn't have a way to get it down, so they asked us to load our trailer and drive it down there for them.”

Minuteman delivered the goods to a church that had set up temporary tents and distributed food and clothing to those who were displaced.

“After delivering the goods, we drove around to see the scope of the fire,” Ballard said.  “What used to be trailer homes was now just burnt land and maybe a fireplace that had been built next to it. There were tractors where the tires were gone because they'd burned off. We saw endless burned trees.”