Brazoria County was drowned out by waters that flooded in with the force of Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.

About 2,000 of the 13,000 properties in the area were damaged by the flood. For 30 days, Minuteman Disaster Response volunteers worked to bring families hope and help them get back on their feet.

Some families had up to 6 feet of water inside their homes. Gary Hill began his volunteer work once the water had subsided.

“We helped remove paneling and floor boards and disinfect the area, so that it would be ready for the next group to come in and rebuild,” Hill said, adding that the house he volunteered in had some residents with medical issues.

“Protocol was for the people to move their damaged stuff to the curb,” Hill said. “You could see remnants of someone’s life sitting along the road. There was nothing they could do but throw it away.”

Hill said seeing people’s temporary possessions destroyed like that helped him put things in perspective.

“It helps you remember that all our stuff is temporary and something like this could happen to anyone,” he said. “We don’t do disaster response for ourselves, but it definitely helps us grow, as well.”