Just eight days ago today, and on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Southeastern Louisiana took a massive blow from Hurricane Ida. What was once only a tropical storm quickly grew to a category four hurricane with a sustained wind speed of 150mph.

Now known to be the second-most damaging hurricane to make landfall in Louisiana, hurricane Ida has taken the lives of over 60 individuals and is stacking up costs of over 50 billion dollars.

That’s the bad news about hurricane Ida, now let me share with you the good news.

Saturday, while infrastructure was still down and the sting of Ida was still fresh, over 20 volunteers arrived in our basecamp in LaPlace, LA, to begin loving on families and helping them begin to clean up and get back on their feet. Dedicated men and women who are helping people in their time of need.

We recognize that this deployment will not consist of days but weeks, and our volunteers are ready to serve those hurting.

Please consider how you might support our team by PRAYING, GIVING, or GOING:

PRAY – that those in the path of the storm will be kept safe of their property secure. Pray for our team of volunteers placing themselves in harm's way for the sake of those in need.

GIVE – Deployments are costly to prepare for and respond to. Make a financial contribution to support our efforts.

GO – If you have ever desired to serve people in the aftermath of a storm like Ida, sign up today to join our team. In 48 hours, you can be deployment-ready to help people in the relief phase of this operation.


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