In the early hours of Monday, June 7th, 2021, the residents of Okmulgee, OK, experienced record-setting rainfall. The national weather service reported 3-13” of rain based on radar estimates, which has led to substantial flooding throughout the county. Major highways became impassable and were closed for the safety of travelers. Local first responders deployed high water rescue vehicles to assist residents in need of evacuation.

To illustrate how quickly the water rose, one homeowner told us that at 4a, they woke up because of the loud hail. They walked to the window to look outside and see the conditions. There was nothing to be concerned about, so they went back to bed. At 6a, they woke up again to go to work, and when they stepped onto the floor, they found themselves standing in 6-8” of water. That’s how quickly the floodwaters rose into their home.

Minuteman is no stranger to floods. We have already had a representative on the ground first thing this morning, working with local officials on a plan to begin assisting families. As the day has progressed, we have started deploying resources to Okmulgee. Very soon, volunteers will be arriving to muck out homes and bring hope to a hurting community.

There are two ways that you can help make a difference during this time: