The historic flooding in northeast Oklahoma has devastated community after community, leaving countless families homeless and trying to figure out where to begin the massive cleanup effort.

For the last 3 weeks our volunteers have been actively engaged on the ground helping communities that have been impacted.  Our Flood And Swiftwater Technician (FAST) Team has been serving the Rogers County, OK Sheriff's Office with emergency response calls for those that were caught up in the fast rising waters of the Verdigris River.  At the same time, our Relief Operations have been ongoing in Sand Springs, OK located in Tulsa County, helping homeowners go through the grueling task of mucking out their homes, some of which were 7 feet underwater for numerous days.

The sun is hot, the humidity high, but our volunteers keep coming to help families out.

Take a look at this video recap:

As you can imagine, deployments like this can become costly, and as a non-profit organization we depend on the generosity of individuals and businesses to help out in a time of need.  WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION HERE.