The flood waters in Northeast Oklahoma continue to rise as lakes all around the area are at historic levels, dams are releasing as much water as possible and banks and levees are on the verge of failure.

Going into our second week, Minuteman Disaster Response continues to offer support to communities impacted by the floods.  Currently we have 7 flood and swiftwater technicians and 3 boats on site in Rogers County, OK where the Sherrifs office has asked that we provide around the clock emergency response to any situations that may arise.


As our water teams continue to work, our other Rapid Response Team members continue to monitor the ongoing severe weather in our region and are on standby to move quickly should something happen.  And behind the scenes our Relief Team is preparing their equipment and schedules to deploy soon to Oklahoma to assist with mucking out the homes once the water recedes.

All of this cannot take place without business, organizations and individuals and the support that they give.  Would you consider supporting our ongoing efforts on what appears to be a very long road ahead?