Kingsland, TX, was drowned out in October 2018 by floodwaters that reached up to 20 feet high in some locations.  The water collapsed a major bridge and forced the release of multiple water dams causing urgent evacuations.  Flooding led to either total destruction or damage of at least 500 homes.

Minuteman Disaster Response was on the ground and working on-site for 19 days.  Volunteers assisted families with muck-outs and debris removal organized other volunteers and helped evaluate the damage.

“We are in the whatever it takes business,” a Minuteman volunteer said.  “We jump in and do whatever is needed to help the people who were affected get their lives back together.  We find solutions for any problems we come across.”

“Car after car would stop by our base camp on main street and say, ‘Thank you for working on my house.  Thank you for saving my property.'”, he said.  “Even people who weren't affected stopped by to thank us.”

“I have a glad heart and a heavy heart at the same time,” he said.  “I made friends for life.  Honestly, I feel like I did some of God's work.”