Hurricane Harvey with 60 inches of rain in 2017 and Kingsland, TX where the Llano river crested at nearly 40 feet in October of 2018 devastating hundreds of homes along the river banks. Two natural disaster where Minuteman Disaster Response deployed all of its equipment and volunteers to serve the communities that were impacted and assisted with the cleanup from the massive flooding.

However, while the water continued to rise and before it completely receded there was nothing we could do to assist those who were stranded in the water and need assistance with evacuation or rescue.

The days of standing on the shore watching the water go down no longer exists.

Thankful for a generous supporter we have begun to execute a plan to establish a Type 4 Flood And Swiftwater Team and we have acquired the necessary safety equipment, boat, motor and trailer.

Last weekend 8 team members spent 3 days fighting the cold currents of the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, TX so that they could achieve certification as Flood And Swiftwater Technicians (FAST). In a few more weeks team members will make the journey south again to receive certification as FAST Rescue Boat Technicians.

The next time that water rises and flooding occurs, you can be certain that we will be there to provide the needed assistance BEFORE the water recedes.